Ceramics Care



It is possible to put your ceramics into the dishwasher. However, I do recommend washing them by hand as some colors in the glaze may fade after prolonged dishwasher use.

Putting ceramics in the microwave may cause crazing and is not recommended.

Other homeware objects can be cleaned taking a damp cloth to wipe away any dust.

I fire my ceramics to optimum temperatures for the stoneware clay which makes the pieces water-resistant and very durable. If you take care of your pieces they will last forever!



Each jewelry piece is made with great care and can last a lifetime if you take good care of it! The ceramic parts are made from stoneware clay and therefor not too fragile. 

I make the earrings as lightweight as possible so it’s very comfortable to wear and not heavy on the earlobes. 

If you want to clean your ceramic parts of the earrings, you can use a damp cloth and carefully wipe them clean. Try not to rub on the other materials because they may lose their coating.

The materials used to connect the ceramic pieces are either made from sterling silver or sterling silver coated with a layer of gold.

Shipping & Returns



I ship worldwide. All items are shipped from the Netherlands with PostNL.

All the items purchased via the website are in stock and usually sent within 5 workdays after receiving the order.

Items that are made upon request (if possible) can take up to 4 weeks to be finished. If you want a specific item to arrive on a special date, please contact me via info@putzyceramics.com if this is possible.

The customer is responsible for any taxes that may apply within the country when receiving the package.


If for any reason, you are not satisfied with the item you received, please contact me at info@putzyceramics.com. 

Please note that a return policy does not apply to items damaged by third parties.


Payments are possible with iDeal, credit card and PayPal. 

These shops have a small selection available of my ceramics:

– Anders nog Iets, Haarlem

– Labro, Haarlem

– Rugs & Ramblers, Haarlem

I use recycled packaging materials only. All the boxes and filling materials are recycled. I wrap the ceramics very well so the risk of breakage will be at a minimum. 

Yes. Because my ceramics are made from stoneware clay, and I fire them up to 1240 degrees, the clay will become water-resistant. Therefor the ceramics are suitable for dishwashers. Nonetheless I do recommend washing them by hand because this is a more gentle way of cleaning them and you minimize the chances of breakage or damaging the piece.
All my pieces are food safe because I only work with food safe glazes.

Due to the high temperature of the glaze firing (1240 degrees) the glaze will melt and become liquid so the glass particles that are inside the glaze can attach to the piece. Further in the process of the glaze firing, the glaze will harden due to the temperature drop. If the bottom of the pieces were to be glazed, they would stick to the kiln (oven) shelves and you won’t be able to take it of the shelve. 

Local pickup is possible in Haarlem. At checkout you can select local pickup (only when country is selected as Netherlands). I will contact you when your order is ready for pickup. 

Please contact me via the contact page with your request and I will get back to you.

Sure! You can fill in all the details of the person you want to send it to and if you would like me to put in a special card, you can write down in the note section what you would like me to write. I will make sure the package will be wrapped nicely as a gift.

I will announce new shop updates on Instagram. I add new items to the shop regularly. It is not guaranteed that I will make an item again, some products are one of a kind and therefor unique. However, if you want to purchase anything in particular, please contact me to see if I can make it for you, or to have an update on when the particular item will be added to the shop again. 

At the moment I am taking wholesale orders. Please contact me via the contact page with all the details and I will get back to you!