About Putzy Ceramics



“Functional art to enrich life’s daily rituals”



Putzy Ceramics is a one woman business. I make all of my ceramics with great care and passion.

My name is Putzy, the ceramicist behind Putzy Ceramics. My ceramic journey started in 2019 after an inspiring trip to South-Africa. I came across such beautiful pieces of ceramics that lit a fire within me to make my own. 

The method that inspires me the most, is the handbuilding technique where you only use your hands to shape the clay, not using a wheel. By only using your hands, you get this really organic, playful shapes. And this is exactly what my work shows. Each and every piece is handmade by me, making each piece unique.

The ceramics that I make are items that I love to use myself, hoping that you’ll love it too.