wabi sabi vase


Made from speckled stoneware clay

Finished with a glossy white glaze

Length 19 cm

Height 11,5 cm



In stock

About this item

This vase is made from speckled stoneware clay. Finished with a glossy white glaze. It is made from a long rolled out slab of clay, shaped into this organic form. The vase is designed for a dried flower that you can stick through the holes. The piece itself can be a sculpture to put in your home, with or without a flower.

The vase was originally a little higher, but during the firing, clay can move around a little, due to the high temperatures. Because of the delicate shape, it decided to move a little more to the ground. And that’s okay, because there is beauty in imperfection. And when it wants to be something, you can’t stop it.





wabi sabi vase

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