seed growing dish


made from stoneware clay
decorated with underglaze in orange or taupe splatters
finished with a transparent shiny glaze

Ø dish 8 cm
Ø hole 1,5 cm

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About this item

You can use this dish to grow different kind of seeds or plants. The most popular seed to grow is the avocado seed, but you can also use it for mango, apricot, acorn or chestnut for example. The dish can also be used to put a flower in, or to grow roots on little plants, for example on the pilea peperomioides, that gets a lot of little baby plants. You can simply put the dish on a glass of water and put the seed or plant in it. The roots can grow through the opening into the water. When it has grown enough roots, you can plant it into soil and let it grow further, or you can leave it in the water but it will grow slower.

The dishes will come in two varieties: with orange splatters or with taupe splatters. They’re both the same size.



seed growing dish

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