candle holder


Stoneware clay with a natural matte glaze

length 9 cm
heigth 11 cm
width 5 cm



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About this item

This candle holder is made out of recycled clay. Clay that was reclaimed and shaped into a candle holder. It is made out of stoneware clay and finished with a natural matte glaze.

After shaping, it dries for about one week. Then it will be fired for the first time, at 1000 degrees. After the first firing the pieces will be lightly sanded to get rid of any rough parts. Then it’s ready to glaze and it will be fired once more at 1240 degrees, called the glaze firing.

Please make sure the candles are steady in the holder. To make sure it’s steady, you can melt the bottom part of the candle with a flame and then stick it into its holder.

Fits normal sized candles. The length of the candles in the photo is 16,5 cm.

candle holder

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